About Us

My name is Mark Drummond founder and creator of the brand i want it now.  We launched our business in September 2015 but the journey to this point has taken many years of hard work, with a few twists and turns along the way..read on to find out how we came to be....
From an early age, I have always been interested in making and creating things, from drawing and painting to cutting and gluing, experimenting with different materials and designs. 
After finishing school I started work doing a number of jobs to earn money to invest in many of my business ideas, but I lacked some of the skills needed to pursue my passion for design, so I enrolled at College to study product design.  I then went on to study at the University Of Lincoln and achieved my degree in Interior Design.  Whilst studying at Lincoln, to satisfy my need to create a business, I purchased a heat press and set up a small business designing and producing t-shirts together with buying in products from independent retailers and selling them on.  I successfully ran this alongside my degree, until the recession of 2007.  In 2009 after completing my studies, I moved to the UAE to be with my family who at the time were working there and obtain employment.  I was employed in both the Retail and Design industries gaining experience, but I never lost my ambition to set up my own company and create products.

In 2014, I began playing with ideas and created some wall stickers for my new apartment,  and the ideas kept coming!  I spent a lot of time designing products and sourcing different materials I could use.
In January 2015, I decided to take my products to my first market in Abu Dhabi, I was excited but nervous because I had worked hard to get to this stage.  I set up taking a whole tent and customer feedback was good, but I remember my first sale, it was a little girl who bought a 5dhs pin badge with her pocket money, the first customer of the I want it now brand Emoji  The market was slow but there was a lot of interested customers with positive feedback, so I carried on selling at the market in Abu Dhabi.  I was then asked to attend the market in Dubai, which was a bigger crowd and I was very excited to see people's reaction to our products.  I resigned from my job and now the pressure was on......


Fast forward 8 months and with new products and designs added and with options for customers to create their own styles on our products we launched our website.  This is the culmination of my dream, you will still find us at the markets and pop ups across UAE.
At "I want it now" we are about doing things differently, a kind of out of the box experience, we are fun, spontaneous so follow us on social media and keep up with upcoming events and promotions.
So now you know my story welcome to I want it now, because who wants to wait!
If you have any questions please give me a call or drop an email.